The Principles of Sharing


With a soon to be 2 year old at home, sharing is something that we are constantly working on.  While we have a long way to go until we are anywhere near perfect, I realized that there are some things each of us in this family are wonderful at sharing!

Avelyn is passionate about sharing other people’s food with herself.  Particularly if it is pizza, waffles, a bowl of cereal, a hot dog, or anything else that has been processed, frozen, or made completely out of chemicals.  She is also good at sharing food she has already chewed on.  She shares with the dogs, with mommy and daddy, and with whichever stuffed animal has joined her.

Daddy is uniquely talented at sharing poison ivy.  Especially if it is the week before your best friend’s wedding in which you are the Maid of Honor and will be wearing a short, strapless dress.  (Hypothetical, of course.)  Strangely enough the only place mommy broke out with poison ivy is on her hips and butt, which tells you where daddy spent too much time trying to put his poison ivy hands.

I frequently re-share in great detail the pains I went through to push a small human out of a very small and tight space.  Mainly when the hubs says things like, “But I already changed her diaper twice today.”

Rudy has a very fine flair for sharing any kind of gross thing he has gotten into lately.  A few years ago he shared his worms with Wilbur.  Last summer the whole family felt the wrath of the fleas he was more than willing to share.

Wilbur, the affectionate thing that he is, regularly shares kisses with any willing takers.  This would be much cuter if his tongue wasn’t the size of a T-Bone steak, except much less appetizing.  Afterwards my make-up looks like I was spiderman, hanging upside down in the rain.

See?  We have proven families everywhere can think out of the box when it comes to classic manners.  Why stop at sharing the bag of chips when you could do something much more exciting such as sharing a disease, like strep throat!


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