50 Interesting Things on our Summer Bucket List

Everyone on Pinterest is posting cute ideas of all the things they are going to do this summer with their kids-and I wanted to get in on the fun.  So here are a few of the things on our summer bucket list!

  1. Take down the Christmas decorations.
  2. Pass out 15 minutes into a drive-in movie.  The one you talked up all day and packed all the snacks for.
  3. Pee in all your friend’s pools.
  4. Wake up an entire campground at 5 am.
  5. Step in a fresh pile of horse crap at the county fair.
  6. Eat sand at Lake Michigan.
  7. Accidentally pull up all the flowers we planted this spring while weeding.
  8. Mow the lawn at least twice.
  9. Get a funky sunburn from that lace halter top I just bought.
  10. Stain the couch with our homemade popsicles when the kids refuse to eat outside with fear of bugs.
  11. Get rid of the ground wasps by accidentally running their nest over with the lawnmower.
  12. Take a fun and expensive trip to hospital to get rid of excessive wasp stingers.
  13. Get our kite stuck in the tree at the park.
  14. Sneeze on all the fruit at the farmer’s market.
  15. Lose a library book.
  16. Teach Ava how to poop in the woods when we get lost on a hike.
  17. Get spit on by a camel at the zoo.
  18. Catch sometime on fire during BBQ.
  19. Accidentally lose all marshmallows into bonfire.
  20. Keep my cool when Ava opens our full bug jar in the house.
  21. Fail epically at a Pinterest craft.
  22. Spend $500 while back to school shopping.
  23. Give someone a black eye during a water balloon fight.
  24. Char homemade pies in oven, leaving the house smelling like burned toast for a week.
  25. Ask our angry garden fairy to break the air condition.
  26. Scream through local outdoor concert.
  27. Meet some nice friendly leeches on a romantic night swim.
  28. Carpet outdoor fort with poison ivy.
  29. Lose track of preschooler on not-so-lazy river.
  30. Jury duty.
  31. Let it slide when fellow spectators teach preschooler first curse word at baseball game.
  32. Shoot neighbors house with fireworks.
  33. Keep surprise raccoon warm in tent while camping.
  34. Peel husband’s severe sunburn.
  35. Try bikini waxing for the first time. (with husband)
  36. Sign up for a half marathon and forget until two weeks beforehand.
  37. Get hit in eye with thrown candy at parade.
  38. Get stuck in hailstorm on nature hike.
  39. Get attacked by territorial swans while feeding ducks.
  40. Watch the kids choke on their first hotdog.
  41. Go fishing in Grandma’s goldfish pond.
  42. Get bed bugs from yard sale mattress.
  43. Make husband sleep on couch for week after playing Monopoly.
  44. Try adventurous new food.  Get sick from adventurous new food.
  45. Pop new inflatable pool after one use.
  46. Run bicycle into line of parked motorcycles at hot dog stand.
  47. Find worm in homemade strawberry jam.
  48. Lose one or both children at amusement park.
  49. Get a cavity from daily ice cream ritual.
  50. Read 1/2 a book.
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