So I Bought a Nightgown

So I ordered these new pajamas because they make me seriously giggle.  “Yeti For Bed”?  That’s freaking hilarious.  When I showed Nick the picture he seemed a little hesitant–probably because they look very similar to my grandma’s nightgown.

However, as soon as I opened the package I knew I had made an exemplary decision.  “I regret nothing!!” I screamed as the nightgown’s power soaked into me.

And yes, technically it is a nightgown.  But after wearing it for a week I don’t understand why there they haven’t gone viral yet.  It accomplishes all three C’s of bedwear:

Cozy  As you can see in the photo above, it’s as baggy as Lil’ Wayne’s trousers.  Unlike it’s cousin, the full-length button-up frilly nightgown, it neither asphyxiates me nor creates a twisted cocoon of death around my legs.

Coverage Previously I always slept in one of Nick’s over-worn t-shirts.  With my new jammies, our neighbors haven’t seen my butt cheeks in at least a week!  (Usually the result of me being too lazy to put pants on.  Hi Terry and Sandy!!)  Such sorcery!

Cute  By this I mean that the nightgown itself is cute.  Also there’s a pun on it, which can’t be beat.  I do not mean that I look cute in it.  I look like a baggy pilgrim in pink.

Nick has even taken to it for two main reasons.  First, it has what he calls “easy access”–I won’t go into the details.  Second, he has developed a new favorite game called “High Five the Yeti.”

Listen, all I’m saying is that it will change your life forever.  Will your husband look at you a little differently?  Sure.  Will the neighbors stop bringing over nice pies?  Probably.  But once you make the decision you might never turn back.

PS- If you want your own “Yeti For Bed” nightshirt you can get it here:

Lazy One Women’s Yeti For Bed V-Neck Nightshirt L/XL Pink


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