October’s Lumpy Mother of the Month: Emily

Our Lumpy Mother of the Month is Emily.  Emily is the beautiful mother of two daughters-Isabelle and Felicity.  Emily deserves to be our first ever Lumpy Mother for a lot of reasons.  Other than being a mom to two very active little girls (seriously, Felicity is 10 months old and basically walking) she works in the ER at the local hospital a few days a week AND is attending nursing school.  Which, if its been awhile since you were in college, means that the precious time she has at home has to be split between her family and never-ending life-sucking homework.  She can do it all.  Seriously.

In Emily’s words:
Why I’m a Lumpy Mother: The Great Diaper Pyramid grows next to my bed because I’m too exhausted to take midnight dirty diapers to the garbage.

Why I’m a Great Mother: Instead of just turning on the TV to keep the girls occupied while I do homework, sometimes we go the park so they can play while I study.

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