Friday Five: 5 Funny Blog Posts Everyone Should Read

It was tempting to put 5 of my own blog posts down, because let’s face it…everyone should read my blog.  But I wanted to point out five other funny blog posts from mom bloggers that I really truly adore.  Please read and enjoy!

  1. To Everyone That Hates Themselves Today on Brittany recently wrote a book (which I haven’t read yet…but will soon!) all about living and loving with her body.  Also, please for the love of sanity read The Brittany E-mails.  They will make you cry.
  2. 5 Tips for Surviving That First Post Labor Poo on  Kate steps up and is totally honest about a very important part of having a baby that no one tells you about.  If you are a veteran mom or an expectant one you need to read this.
  3. Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Get a Tattoo (but Having a Baby is Fine) on OMG this blog post changed my life.  I had literally never thought about the irony of it until I read this.  It will blow your mind.
  4. How I Made the Kinds of Friends You Need While Almost Crapping My Pants in an Elevator.  Twice.  On  The title might hint to this, but I snorted multiple times while reading this.  And you will too.  The kind of thing you would only expect to happen in a sitcom.
  5. Don’t Let a Tall Guy Make You Risk Your Life For Toilet Paper on  I married a tall guy, but I suppose I have an unfair advantage because I am a tall gal.  But many of these still hold true!

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