How To: Easy Pumpkin Decorating

Sunday: Unload freshly picked pumpkins from car.  Place them on the front steps until the great day of pumpkin decorating comes.

Tuesday: Stand outside and stare at pumpkins.  Channel the DIY craft overlords and wait for guiding light.  When inspiration does not strikes, feel overcome by feelings of inadequacy and shortcoming.  Drink a few hard apple ciders with hope that festive refreshments will kick-start creative pumpkin visions in high gear.

Thursday: Weigh decorating options.  If I can’t trust Avelyn with plastic kid scissors I probably shouldn’t hand her a carving knife.

Search pinterest for “pumpkin decorating paint”.  Find a few great ideas that three year old can accomplish.  Write down list of supplies needed.

Friday: Pick up supplies on lunch break with a few things for work.

Saturday: Head to out car to get to get supplies, realize I accidentally brought them into work with office supplies.

Monday: Bring pumpkin supplies home.

Thursday: Set up everything needed for pumpkin decorating.  Go to dress Avelyn in play clothes-she refuses to wear anything but her swimsuit top and expensive church dress.  Abandon mission.

Sunday: Harrison gets fever and will not sleep long enough for me to take Avelyn outside to paint pumpkins.

Three weeks later: Convince myself that plain orange pumpkins are a very classic understated look.

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