About Me



My name is Natalie and I am a Lumpy Mother of two.  My daughter, Avelyn Grace, is a dramatic and outgoing three year old.  My son, Harrison Joseph, is one and excited to discover the world.  I grew up in a family that laughed (loudly) together wherever we went.  We’re that family at a restaurant that should be seated alone in a section.  When my daughter was born and I became a mother, I realized that laughter was the best prevention to losing my sanity.

There are lots of websites about ‘how to’ and ‘why you should’, and while I use them regularly myself, this isn’t one of them.  I am not here to add anything to your to-do list.  I am here to help you forget it exists for a few moments.  I am here to remind you that it’s ok to:

  • serve cold cereal for breakfast
  • pee yourself in public places
  • go commando for a few days because there is no clean laundry

Being a ‘lumpy mother’ means accepting the imperfections that come along with raising screaming, needy, miniature humans.  It isn’t easy, but we’re going to get through it together, in a very disorganized, forgetful, and hectic manner.

If you’re a new Lumpy Mother (or Father!), welcome!  There’s a lot to see, so start with “Favorites”, it’ll show you a history of the best-loved posts!

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