A Poem About Bathtime

Bubbles bubbles everywhere
On the floor and in mom’s hair
Without them everyone will scream
As if poison were running through their bloodstream

Ava pretends to be a fish
Harrison licks water from a dish
Doghorse comes to investigate
Thankful he won’t share their fate

Start with soap to scrub their butts,
arms and legs and little guts
Lord help us if water gets in her face
She’ll howl and wail as if it’s mace

With a few big grunts from Harrison
A big surprise ruins all the fun
Mommy can see something brown
In the water bobbing aroun’

Everyone out! As fast as you can!
Daddy cleans it (cuz he’s the man)
Next comes jammies and goodnight
For both of which, they’ll put up a fight

Then mommy finally creeps downstairs
Plops on the couch full of barbies and bears
In her hand is a big glass of wine
She smiles because everything’s finally fine


Poem About Bathtime

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